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Benny™ Card Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the Benny™ Card?
Call the toll-free number 1 (866) 898-9795 or click here to activate online.

How many Benny™ Cards will I be issued?
You will be issued two Benny™ Cards. Participants can use both cards once the first card has been activated. Even though both cards will be issued in your name, each card user should sign the card with his or her own name. You may request additional cards if needed for other eligible family members. The cost for each additional card is $5.00 and will be deducted from your account.

How do I set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for my Benny™ Card?
To create a PIN, please call 1-866-898-9795. Please note the service to create your PIN will not be available until Mid-March. You can begin using your PIN April 1, 2013. The automated system will walk you through the prompt to create your own self-selected PIN for your Benny™ Card. Remember to keep your PIN private. We recommend creating a unique PIN that cannot be easily guessed by others.

How do I use my PIN when using my Benny™ Card?
To use your PIN at the point of sale, simply select “Debit” and enter your PIN when prompted.

Am I required to set up a PIN in order to use by Benny Card?
No, using a PIN is not required. You can continue to sign for your transactions just as you have done in the past, by choosing “Credit” at the point of sale.

I have more than one Benny™ Card, does each card have its own PIN?
No, the PIN is the same for all cards issued to you. If you choose to create a PIN, please make sure other members of your family are aware of the PIN.

How can I reset my PIN if I cannot remember it?
You can reset your PIN by calling 1-866-898-9795.

What do I do if the card is lost or stolen?
If the card is lost or stolen please contact Caba, Inc. immediately using our toll-free number 1(888)840-8924. Replacement cards are $5.00 each. The fee will be deducted from your account. Click here for the Replacement Card Request Form.

Do I need a new Benny™ Card each plan year?
The Benny™ Card can be used for three (3) years from the issue date as long as you elect to participate in the Plan each year. If you are still participating in the Plan when your cards expire you will be issued new cards that will arrive at your home address prior to the expiration date of your cards.

Where can I use my Benny™ Card?
The Benny™ Card can be used to pay for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses at qualified healthcare and dependent care providers/merchants that accept Visa debit cards. The card will only work at providers/merchants who have IRS approved merchant category codes. Examples of eligible merchants are as follows:
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics, Facilities, Labs
  • Pharmacies*
  • Dependent Care Providers

  • *Per IRS regulations, starting July 1, 2009, participants using their Benny Cards to purchase prescriptions and eligible over-the-counter items will only be able to use their benefit debit cards at pharmacies, discount stores, and supermarkets who participate in a certified Inventory Approval System (IIAS) Program or who meet the IRS requirements that 90% of the store’s gross receipts during the prior taxable year consisted of items which qualified as medical expenses. For a list of merchants who are “IIAS certified” or “90% Rule registered” please click on the links below:
    IIAS Merchants
    Follow this link to see the list of certified IIAS Merchants.
    90% Rule Merchants
    Follow this link to see the list of registered 90% Rule Merchants.

    Are there places where the Benny™ Card won’t be accepted?
    Yes. The card will not be accepted at locations that do not have IRS approved merchant category codes such as restaurants, bookstores, gas stations, home improvement stores and department stores. You cannot get cash with the Benny™ Card.

    Why do I need to save all of my itemized receipts?
    You should always save itemized receipt for any expenses. Since the Section 125/Cafeteria Plan is an IRS regulated Plan, you should always save itemized receipts for any expenses. The IRS requires you to save your receipts in case you are audited. You may be asked to submit the itemized receipts to verify the expenses comply with IRS guidelines. Eligible itemized documentation from an independent third-party is:
    • A bill or receipt showing the providers name and address, patient name, date of service, description the service was provided and amount of the service.
    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider.
    • A prescription receipt showing the date the prescription was filled, name of patient, pharmacy name/address, prescription and amount of prescription.
    • Over-the-counter items should have a receipt from the store showing the name of the store, date of purchase, product name and amount of the product. If the product name is generic, please write on the receipt what the product is and a brief description of product use.
    Please note credit or debit card receipts, balance forward receipts and cancelled checks are not considered eligible documentation.

    How will I know to submit receipts to verify a charge to my Benny™ Card?
    You will receive a letter from Caba, Inc. if there is a need to submit a receipt. You should submit the itemized receipts immediately upon receipt of the letter. All receipts should be saved per the IRS regulations.

    What if I fail to submit receipts to verify a charge?
    If receipts are not submitted as requested from Caba, Inc. to verify a charge made with the Benny™ Card, the card will be suspended per IRS regulations until the receipts are received. You will be required to repay the amount charged. Caba, Inc. will advise you by letter that the Card has been suspended. Submitting a receipt or repaying the amount in question will allow the Card to become active again.

    How do I know how much is in my account?
    You can log in here. You can view your account activity, history and current balance. You can also call Caba, Inc. at 1(888) 840-8924 to obtain your current balance.

    What are some of the reasons the Benny™ Card might not work?
    • The Card has not been activated.
    • The Card has been used before the 24 hour period after activation.
    • You have insufficient funds in your account to cover the expense. Please see the question above to see how you can check your balance.
    • The merchant is encountering problems.
    • The merchant is not an eligible merchant.
    • You plan year has not started yet.
    • The Card has been suspended because Caba, Inc. has not received itemized receipts as requested.
    Please contact Caba, Inc. if you have additional questions:

    By Phone at (405) 840-3033 or toll-free 1(888) 840-8924
    By email at